This is the private high school of Holitsuba. The school of Holitsuba is a calm and peaceful school *a crash is heard in the distance*
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 Student handbook

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PostSubject: Student handbook   Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:20 pm

This is the student handbook you are now reading, please refer to this often to remember school rules!

1: Pay all respect to the students (EVEN teachers.) ~Yuuko
2:wear school uniforms to school, not your weekend clothes. Unless there's a event! ~The mokonas
3:Be respectful to the principle if she is in the halls! ~Yuui
4:Dont make the Big-Dog mad!!(or do, and run fast!) ~Fai
5:Dont call the Physics ED Teacher any nicknames except sensei. ~Kurogane

~Rules and advice by the teachers of the Holitsuba School.
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Student handbook
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